PAD030 Mundy Street
City Residence
This townhouse is an open, bright, airy residence, perceived as considerably larger than its very compact 160sqm's. It utilises flexible spaces along with a central courtyard, accessed via large sliding glass doors to expand and integrate individual spaces. It comprises of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study or additional living/bedroom and an open plan kitchen, living and dining area. The single level building sits quietly in a street of predominantly traditional housing types so that its explicit difference to surrounding houses is only hinted at upon approach to the building and not fully expressed until one is directly outside. The dwelling's site was specifically selected for its size and inner-urban location which takes advantage of existing amenities, infrastructure and most importantly, does not contribute to ever increasing urban sprawl. Furthermore, the dwelling was designed in opposition to the typical large family home which consists of considerable wasted space and does not directly respond to how occupants choose to live.