PAD017 Little River
Country Residence
Padarc undertook Design and Construction of this country residence for a young couple starting a family. Having lived in the adjoining shed for a number of years, the couple were keen to make the site their long term family home. Building on a flood plain presented a number of issues which resulted in a raised building and associated external areas, providing a viewing platform that extended the already wide vista’s across the rural landscape. The house incorporates 4 bedrooms and a separate studio, ensuite, central bathroom, open plan living, dining and kitchen with butler's pantry and a double carport. The west wing of the T-shaped building has been designed as a modern interpretation of a barn, with reference to the existing shed. It provides protection from the prevailing westerly winds and hot afternoon sun, allowing the living spaces to be enjoyed inside and out throughout the year. The east wing is a simple contemporary box with expansive glazing and external decking that takes full advantage of its northern orientation and views.